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Spraytech Systems

Spraytech Systems supplies a comprehensive range of industrial spray nozzles for all spray applications: washing, stripping and cutting products and surfaces, for dust control and for spraying lubricants, odorants, coatings and chemicals.

Ceramic Jet Nozzles

Ceramic jet spray nozzles have precision ceramic inserts for a more even spray pattern. The ceramic nozzle provides greater resistance to wear giving improved longevity and a better service life.

Tecsi Spray Nozzles

Tecsi srl is one of the premier manufacturers of industrial spray nozzles in Europe. A full range of spray nozzles is produced to suit most mining and industrial applications.

Bitumen & Emulsion Spray Nozzles

Copley spray nozzles are designed for road making, for the spray application of bitumen emulsion, liquid tar and water.  They are specified by state Roads Authorities and Main Roads departments and the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA).

Diamond Jet Nozzles

Spray nozzles and cutting jets with a synthetic diamond tip provide the longest service life at pressures of up to
60,000psi (4,000 Bar). They will fit equipment from Woma, Uraca, Hammelmann and others. Also available with sapphire jet, ceramic jet and tungsten carbide inserts.




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